Geometric Rectangle Beach Glass Earrings

2 inch / 50 mm | Silver filled Wire | Geometric Earrings
Trendy, urban and one of a kind, let your jewelry reflect your style.
Geometric, genuine sea glass hoop earrings in green.

2 inches long (50.8mm) from the top of ear wire.
approx. 1/2 inch wide (12.7 mm)
Silver-filled French hook s

Hand crafted, silver-filled wire rectangles, frame bits of genuine green beach glass on a column of matching glass seed beads and silver toned spacers. A geometric shape that gives a classic hoop earring a completely new look.

These hand crafted earrings are unique and the only one available at this time. You will receive the exact set of earrings shown.

**SILVER FILLED WIRE: is a quality silver, bonded instead of just a light plating to a core metal. A long lasting finish where the silver doesn't wear away like lower quality silver plated does. An excellent lower cost alternative to solid silver.


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