Amber Brown Sea Glass Stud Earrings

9 mm | Stainless Steel / Sea Glass | Stud Earrings
Amber brown sea glass stud earrings.

These earrings are made with small pieces of natural beach glass. Collected by myself on the beaches of Hawaii. Unisex, a perfect style for both men and women.

Glass measures approx. 9mm long - (approx. 3/8")
Adhered to surgical steel post.Matching backs are included to keep them safe.

Sea glass is natures perfect recycled product. Old bottles or decorative dishware that found their way into the seas. This amber brown color is normally from beer or medicine bottles . Sea Glass has become today's treasured gems after many years (often 50-100 years), the bits and pieces of broken glass have become smooth and polished from the action of the tides, sand and rocks.

Each pair is unique to itself. I take great care in choosing a "matching" pair just for you. Though similar in size and shape, each pair will be slightly different.


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