Beaded Sea Glass Sun Catcher, Window Decoration

23 inch long | Sea Glass | Green
Beaded green sea glass sun catcher in shades of green with brass and silver accents.
Add the perfect bit of beach for your deck, sheltered porch or sunny window to remind you of your days at the shore.

This fun beach glass wind chime or sun-catcher hangs from two strands of flexible, vinyl coated wire in two lengths loaded with sparkling beads in shades of green, brass and sparkling clear glass, and my favorite material, sea glass! An etched brass bell has a beaded sea glass clapper that will delight the ocean lover. This beauty sparkles delightfully in the sun and adds a pleasant tinkle of the bells with the slightest breeze.

Longer strand length with hanger approx. 23 inches. (58 cm)
Shorter strand approx. 12 inches. (30 cm)
Sea glass was found on the beaches of Maui, HI.

• Other great uses:
Door Chime: hung from a door knob it lets you know when someone enters or leaves.
Sun catcher: hung in a window it reflects the sun in all the different facets and colors
Wind chime: hung in a sheltered spot on your patio or garden it brings joy with its subtle tinkling sound
• Mirror Charm: give your room a new personality with color and sparkle.

You will receive the bell chime shown.

Each of my wind chimes are a one of a kind creation, each bead carefully chosen to match the mood of the sea glass and add fun and sparkle. I can custom make one just for you if you have a color scheme or theme in mind.

Gift boxed and ready to give or to enjoy.


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