Minimalist Green Sea Glass Stud Earrings

.5 inch | Stainless Steel | Stud Earrings
Small green sea glass stud earrings. Simple, minimalist styling for men or women.
Made of bits of genuine sea glass that have been tossed by the sea until small bits of emerald green glass gems are all that remains. Makes a wonderful gift for anyone that loves the beach or unique one of a kind treasures.

Sea glass measures approx. 1.2cm long - (approx. 1/2 inch)
Adhered to nickel free - Stainless steel earring posts. Matching backs are included to keep them safe.

Sea glass, natures perfect recycled product. Old bottles or decorative dishware found their way into the seas, becoming today's treasured gems Often taking 50 to 100 years, the bits and pieces of broken glass have become smoothed and polished from the action of the tides, sand and rocks.

You will receive the exact pair shown.

Each pair is unique to itself. I take great care in choosing a "matching" pair just for you.
Smaller and larger sizes are both available, feel free to ask for your perfect size.
Larger quantities also available. Just let me know what you need and I can make a custom listing for you. I only list one at a time so the actual set of earrings are photographed.

Comes gift boxed and ready to give. Gift wrapping can even be included at your request for no extra cost.



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