Unisex or Mens Beaded Sea Bean Necklace

Unisex Sea bean beach necklace for men or women

• Hamburger seed, sea bean necklace measures 16 to" 19" for your perfect fit. (48cm) But can be made in your desired length on request.
• Natural sea bean jewelry beaded with pen shells from the Philippine Islands and variegated brown, black and grey obsidian stones.
• Sea bean was gathered on the beaches of South Padre Island or Hawaiian Islands
• Sea bean measures approx. 1" across (24mm)
• Made with strong and flexible multi ply coated wire with wire guards for long lasting wear.
• Closes with spring clasp made of stainless steel and connected with double wire rings
keeps your necklace secure.

Popular with surfers and beach lovers the hamburger seed seabean, (so called because it really does look like a miniature hamburger) makes the perfect necklace.
Natural and rustic.

Prized by sailors of yore, "hamburger seeds" were thought to bring good luck and fortune in their travels over the seas. Sea beans travel with ocean currents until they wash up on a beach somewhere, perhaps thousands of miles from their origin. Sea beans are quite hard and buoyant, which helps them survive their long-distance voyage.

Comes to you nestled in a craft style box and ready to give or enjoy. Gift wrapping available upon request.


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