Hamburger Sea Bean Beaded Necklace

Adjustable 23"-25" | Sea Bean | Necklace
Shaped just like a little hamburger, these ocean drift seeds float in on the tides and can be found along the beaches on tropical beaches around the world. I have paired this one up in a long bead and leather necklace with frosted sea-foam green glass beads from India, and assorted porcelain and wood beads mixed with touches of antiqued silver tones.

Threaded on natural brown suede cord this necklace has an added link chain making it adjustable from 23 to 25 inches long.
Sea bean pendant measures approx. 7/8" x 7/8".

I found this Mucuna seed (commonly called Hamburger seed) along the tide line on a remote beach in the Hawaiian Islands.

Sea beans are seeds from tropical rain forests. Washed into the streams and rivers to reach the sea where they then can travel adrift for many miles before washing up on a distant shore. Ancient mariners, believed they brought good luck because of their great ability to travel the world unharmed.

Comes gift boxed, perfect for share.



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