Natural Sea Bean and Stone Leather Necklace

19 inch | Leather-Seabean | Necklace
Great for both men and women, tan leather necklace with natural sea bean and red stone.

• 19" (1.9 cm ) natural leather necklace with antique brass closures.
• 2" extender chain included for easy adjustments,
• Sea Bean measures approx. 7/8" in diameter x 3/8" thick.
• Rough-cut red stone accent above seed.

Sea Beans or beach beans (also called Hamburger Seeds and Sheep's Eyes) are a tropical seed that grows in long pods and falls from the Mucuna vine in tropical forests. They float down the rivers and drift in the oceans on the tides and currents, eventually finding their way to the beaches, sometimes thousand of miles away from their origin. In days past they were thought to bring good luck and fortune by the sailors who found them because of their great ability to travel long distances unharmed.. They come in a variety of brown and black tones.

This necklace comes gift boxed and ready to give.


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