Sea Bean Dangle Hoop Earrings

One size | Stainless Steel Ear wires | sea bean hoop earrings
Handmade sea bean dangling hoop earrings with accents of green, fuchsia and purple.

• Sea bean/drift seeds were found on the beaches in Hawaii. These little sea beans come from the Monkey Pod Tree, also called the Rain Tree. Dark brown seed pods holding numerous 1/2-inch seeds that were used to make these earrings. They can be most often found growing in tropical forests. They follow the streams and rivers down to the ocean, washing up on the shore with driftwood and other ocean finds.

• Colorful green copper wire wrap accents. Mother of pearl dyed shells of bright fuchsia and purple.

• Hoops measure approx. 2 inches long from top of ear wire to bottom of seed.

• Hoop width approx. 1 inch.

• Hoops made with silver-filled wire, Stainless steel ear wires. Green wire wrap is decorative copper wire.



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