Sea Heart Necklace, Wood Bead and Large Natural Sea Bean Jewelry

19.5 | Wood Beaded | Necklace
Eco friendly, sea heart jewelry, made from the largest of sea beans, for the man that loves to show his own individual style.

I love sea beans in their natural state and sea hearts are naturally shiny and smooth. I have strung this oval sea heart on a doubled strand of flexible wire for durability . Naturally stained wood beads and topaz glass beads compliment the large sea bean.
Stainless steel wire wrap and lobster clasp closure finish this unique necklace.
The sea bean measures 2 1/4" long x 1 3/4" wide to 1" thick.
The finished length is 19.5 inches long and the pendant hangs approx 3 inches down from the center.

The Sea Hearts sea bean is one of the largest drift seeds found on the coastal waters of Mexico and the Florida Keys. Coming from the Monkey Ladder Pods in tropical Costa Rica and floating down the rivers into the sea. Sea Hearts have a colorful and interesting history. Its rumored that Christopher Columbus was fascinated by them and was inspired to go seeking new lands to the west after finding them. Sea Hearts have been used throughout history in many different ways, from grinding them up to make miracle remedies including conception, snake bites and even an aphrodisiac. They have been made into teething rings for children and sailors wore them as a good luck talisman.
From tree tops of tropical forest to the open seas few seeds have aroused the curiosity and imagination as the beautiful sea heart.


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