Tri-Color Sea Glass Belly Button Rings

14 GA | Stainless Steel | Body Jewelry
The sea glass belly ring shown has been sold. Yours will be very similar but each piece of sea glass has been shaped by the sea and each one is unique.unique

Sea glass belly button ring in a trio of colors with authentic beach glass, gathered from the shores of Maui, Hawaii.
A unique long dangling belly ring. Sea glass of aqua blue, green and white, each piece wire wrapped and hung on a silver plate chain along with sparkling crystals in matching colors. The beautiful beach tones will bring out your hidden mermaid in a great ocean style.

* Surgical stainless 14 gauge belly bar with 5mm top stainless steel ball and 8mm bottom with clear CZ crystal set in a stainless steel ball.
* Sea glass dangles measure approx 1.5 inches long - (4 cm).

Gift boxed and ready to share or enjoy.

Glass pieces are each are as unique as the tides that shape them. Found by my hubby and me along the beaches of Maui.
Sea glass, natures perfect recycled product. Old bottles or decorative dishware found their way into the seas, becoming today's treasured gems Often taking 50 to 100 years, the bits and pieces of broken glass have become smooth and polished from the action of the tides, sand and rocks.


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