Green & Blue Sea Glass and Starfish Belly Button Piercing

14 Gauge | Titanium over Stainless Steel | Body Jewelry
This enchanting brass sea star charm belly ring with multi-color of natural sea glass will add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your favorite beach look. Highlighted by the vibrant colors of the green and aqua blue sea glass against the gold tone titanium belly bar and a small gold starfish makes this an exquisite spring accessory to add whimsy and fun to any outfit..

• Belly Bar - 14 G 7/16" length
• Titanium Anodizing on Stainless Steel in gold tone finish.
• Bottom of sea glass hangs approx. 1 1/2 inch below (3.80 cm) the navel.

Sea glass is natures perfect recycled product. Old bottles or decorative dishware found their way into the seas, becoming today's treasured gems Often taking 50 to 100 years, the bits and pieces of broken glass have become smoothed and polished from the action of the tides, sand and rocks.

** Sea Glass was collected on the beaches of Hawaii. Each piece is genuine beach glass and is aged by the sea. Pieces may vary slightly in size and shape from the ones shown. I do have other colors available if you have a special request. **

Comes gift boxed and makes a wonderful gift for your favorite beach girl.


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