Sunshine and Paua Shell Abalone Earrings

2 inch | Sterling Silver | Dangle Earrings
A silver tone sun charm shimmers below this iridescent blue/green Paua shell, abalone bead adding an eye catching touch of nature to your day. Wire wrapped and hung on .925 sterling ear wires, these boho-chic dangle earrings have a stunning celestial style.

In a bold and stylish length of 2 inches (5 cm) these earrings will dazzle with the brilliance of the sun. These make a shining addition to your collection.

- Wire wrap and ear wires of sterling silver.
- Sun charm silver tone metal alloy.
- Abalone shell bead in shimmering blues and green with hints of purple.

Abalone AKA Paua Shell is one of the ocean's most radiant treasures. Dark and unspectacular on the outside, but hidden on the inside the shells surface has a wonderful play of light and color.

These Abalone shell beads are coated in a protective lacquer that also enhances the sheen of the bead. The color and pattern of each Abalone is totally unique and will vary between bead to bead.

Your abalone / paua shell earrings will come gift boxed and perfect to give to your favorite sun lover.


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